Pourquoi les hommes pousent les chieuses

Titre : Pourquoi les hommes pousent les chieuses
Auteur : Sherry Argov
Éditeur : City Edition
ISBN-13 : 9782824640686
Libération : 2014-01-22

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Vous voulez séduire un homme, pour longtemps ? Sherry Argov explique, point par point, ce qu’il faut faire pour transformer une relation occasionnelle en une véritable histoire sérieuse. Pour qu'il vous aime vraiment, vous pensez que vous devez jouer la gentille fille qui accourt dès qu'on la siffle ? Vous croyez qu'il faut être entièrement dévoué pour qu'il ait envie de passer plus d'une semaine avec vous ? C'est tout le contraire : soyez vous-même, soyez forte, gardez intact votre caractère, faites-vous respecter... bref soyez une chieuse, tout en lui donnant l’impression que c’est lui qui vous a conquise. Il ne pourra que succomber ! Sur le ton de l'humour et de la confidence entre copines, Sherry Argov révèle comment mettre les hommes à vos pieds... et pourquoi pas pour la vie ? Le guide pour conquérir le cœur des hommes sans perdre son âme !

Pourquoi les hommes adorent les chieuses

Titre : Pourquoi les hommes adorent les chieuses
Auteur : Sherry Argov
Éditeur : City Edition
ISBN-13 : 9782824641607
Libération : 2015-02-04

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Qu'est-ce qui fait courir les hommes ? Si vous pensez que c'est votre gentillesse ou votre dévouement, vous n'avez rien compris à la mentalité masculine ! Pour séduire, il faut du caractère et avoir une main de fer dans un bel écrin de velours. Multiplier les efforts ou adopter un profil bas ne sert qu'à faire croire aux hommes qu'ils nous tiennent entre leurs griffes... La bonne méthode ? Vous faire respecter en vous plaçant sur un pied d'égalité. Avec beaucoup d'humour, grâce à ce livre très pratique, vous saurez comment faire pour être réellement désirée. Devenez l'une de ces femmes fatales pour lesquelles les hommes se damnent ! Oui, les femmes viennent de Vénus et les hommes de Mars, mais ils peuvent parler le même langage. Il suffit d'avoir le bon décodeur... Le mode d’emploi des hommes que les femmes s’arrachent, une édition augmentée du best-seller.

Why Men Love Bitches

Titre : Why Men Love Bitches
Auteur : Sherry Argov
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781605501550
Libération : 2002-10-01

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Do you feel like you are too nice? Sherry Argov's Why Men Love Bitches delivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself. With saucy detail on every page, this no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a "yes woman" who routinely sacrifices herself. The author provides compelling answers to the tough questions women often ask: · Why are men so romantic in the beginning and why do they change? · Why do men take nice girls for granted? · Why does a man respect a woman when she stands up for herself? Full of advice, hilarious real-life relationship scenarios, "she says/he thinks" tables, and the author's unique "Attraction Principles," Why Men Love Bitches gives you bottom-line answers. It helps you know who you are, stand your ground, and relate to men on a whole new level. Once you've discovered the feisty attitude men find so magnetic, you'll not only increase the romantic chemistry—you'll gain your man's love and respect with far less effort.

The Wait

Titre : The Wait
Auteur : DeVon Franklin
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781501105319
Libération : 2016-02-02

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In this New York Times bestseller, Hollywood power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good candidly share their courtship and marriage, and the key to their success—waiting. President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment and former Sony Pictures executive DeVon Franklin and award-winning actress Meagan Good have learned firsthand that some people must wait patiently for “the one” to come into their lives. They spent years crossing paths but it wasn’t until they were thrown together while working on the film Jumping the Broom that their storybook romance began. Faced with starting a new relationship and wanting to avoid potentially devastating pitfalls, DeVon and Meagan chose to do something almost unheard of in today’s society—abstain from sex until they were married. DeVon and Meagan share the life-changing message that waiting—rather than rushing a relationship—can help you find the person you’re meant to be with. The Wait is filled with candid his-and-hers accounts of the most important moments of their relationship and practical advice on how waiting for everything—from dating to sex—can transform relationships, allowing you to find a deep connection based on patience, trust, and faith.

Spanish Phrases For Dummies

Titre : Spanish Phrases For Dummies
Auteur : Susana Wald
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118054291
Libération : 2011-06-01

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The fun and easy way to speak Spanish With Mexico the #1 international destination for Americans, over 14 million secondary school students enrolled in Spanish classes, and Spanish the primary language in many neighborhoods from L.A. to Miami, this should easily be the most popular title in our new phrase book series, following in the footsteps of Spanish For Dummies (0-7645-5194-9), which has sold more than 300,000 copies. Susana Wald is a writer, teacher, and translator.

Why Men Marry Bitches

Titre : Why Men Marry Bitches
Auteur : Sherry Argov
Éditeur : David & Charles Publishers
ISBN-13 : 0715337688
Libération : 2011-01-01

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Traditional Chinese edition of Why Men Marry Bitches:A Womans Guide to Winning Her Mans Heart. Note: the word "bitch" simply means strong women. In Chinese. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

Nothing Holds Back the Night

Titre : Nothing Holds Back the Night
Auteur : Delphine de Vigan
Éditeur : A&C Black
ISBN-13 : 9781408839874
Libération : 2013-08-01

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In this moving autobiographical novel, the narrator's mother, Lucile, raises her two daughters largely alone. A former child model from a large Bohemian family, Lucile is younger and more glamorous than the other mothers: always in lipstick and stylishly dressed, wayward and wonderful. But as the years pass her occasional sadness gives way to overwhelming despair and delusion. This is a story of luminous beauty and rambunctious joy, of dark secrets and silences, revelations and, ultimately, the unknowability of even those closest to us. And in the face of the unknowable, personal history becomes fiction. Nothing Holds Back the Night is universally recognisable and singularly heartbreaking.

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

Titre : Happy People Read and Drink Coffee
Auteur : Agnès Martin-Lugand
Éditeur : Atlantic Books
ISBN-13 : 9781925575484
Libération : 2017-01-01

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Diane, owner of Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, a cosy coffee shop turned library in Paris, seems to have the perfect life. But when she suddenly loses her husband and daughter in a car accident, her life is overturned and the world as she knows it disappears. Trapped by her memories, Diane closes her shop and retreats from friends and family. One year later, she moves from Paris to a small town on the Irish coast, determined to heal by rebuilding her life alone, without anyone's help or pity - until she meets Edward, a handsome and moody Irish photographer. Along windy shores and cobbled streets, Diane falls into a surprising and tumultuous romance. As she works to overcome her painful memories, Diane and Edward's once-in-a-lifetime connection inspires her to love herself and the world around her with new-found inner strength and happiness. But will it last when Diane leaves Ireland, and Edward, for good?

Por Que Los Hombres Se Casan Con Las Cabronas

Titre : Por Que Los Hombres Se Casan Con Las Cabronas
Auteur : Sherry Argov
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1945876107
Libération : 2006-06-01

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Spanish Edition of Why Men Marry Bitches

Beautiful Boss

Titre : Beautiful Boss
Auteur : Christina Lauren
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781501131226
Libération : 2016-02-29

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The ninth work in the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling series that started with Beautiful Bastard. In this e-novella, Will Sumner and Hanna Bergstrom (from Beautiful Player) find that a wedding and everlasting love were just the beginning. One Player tamed. One nerd girl satisfied. And one more major life decision to make. When Will fell for Hanna, her quirky sense of humor and fierce dedication to her career were part of the attraction. (Not to mention her coy newbie attitude toward sex and her willingness to let him teach her everything.) But when the job offers start rolling in for her—and oh, they do—Hanna has trouble deciding what she wants, where they should live, and how much she should burden Will with the decision. Magic between the sheets is only one part of a relationship...getting on the same page is quite another altogether.