Pack Alpha

Titre : Pack Alpha
Auteur : Crissy Smith
Éditeur : Total-e-bound
ISBN-13 : 9781786510556
Libération : 2016-08-23

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Marissa Boyd finds herself drawn into a world she can never be a part of, complete with an Alpha wolf who takes whatever he wants. And he wants her. Marissa Boyd knows, as a non-shifter, she doesn’t belong in Pack territory. She braves a visit to attend her sister’s mating ceremony and meets the shifter who will change her entire life and beliefs. Gage Wolf knows Marissa is hiding a pained past. As Alpha, he’s used to protecting his Pack. Marissa challenges his authority like no one he’s ever met before. His desire to claim her is strong and his wolf won’t be denied. He’ll have her as his mate even if he has to fight to teach her the meaning of belonging to an Alpha. Even if it is Marissa’s feelings of not being good enough for him that he must battle.

Le Loup Reticent

Titre : Le Loup Reticent
Auteur : Lisa Oliver
Éditeur : CreateSpace
ISBN-13 : 1518673864
Libération : 2015-10-18

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Kane Matthews, Alpha de sa petite meute de loups à Cloverleah a été amené à croire que trouver un compagnon était impossible pour un homme gay et a vécu sa vie en conséquence. Chassé de sa meute natale des années auparavant à cause de son orientation sexuelle, Kane s'est bâti une vie solide et confortable pour lui-même dans la petite ville de Cloverleah.Imaginez sa surprise quand une visite imprévue au restaurant de la petite ville provoque un flot d'émotions chez lui qu'il ne pensait pas possible - et pas le moindre de tous : le désir. Mais découvrir qu'il est possible pour des loups-garous d'avoir des compagnons gays est juste une des choses que Kane doit surmonter s'il veut le futur éternel qu'il espérait.Shawn Bailey ne s'attendait pas à trouver son compagnon. Il est tout simplement trop différent - un « autre » qui a le pouvoir d'instiller la peur dans tout autre garou. Après avoir passé dix ans à fuir son père et son Alpha, il passe la plus grande partie de son temps à simplement essayer de rester en vie. Lorsqu'une rencontre fortuite le mène face à son compagnon, Shawn doit décider si l'homme en face de lui vaut la peine de rester ici.Mais avec les chasseurs, les défis des Alphas, les parents de Kane et un Alpha fou d'une autre meute, tout interfère dans la romance naissante entre Kane et Shawn, sans oublier quelques réponses surprenantes sur les aptitudes uniques de Shawn. Ces deux véritables compagnons pourront-ils trouver la fin heureuse qu'ils recherchent ?

When No Doesn t Cut It

Titre : When No Doesn t Cut It
Auteur : Lisa Oliver
Éditeur : Lisa Oliver
ISBN-13 : 0994106777
Libération : 2014-05-12

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Scott Peterson, beta wolf in the Cloverleah Pack, had a good life. He loved his cars, riding his Harley, and going out with pack members and friends. But when an attack on his pack by a bear shifter, brings his mate into his world, from Texas of all places, Scott realizes he could lose everything he ever held dear. Damien, Alpha wolf of the San Antonio Pack, didn't want to go to Cloverleah and definitely didn't want to be chasing a rogue bear shifter that was threatening the Alpha of the Cloverleah Pack. But he was in for a pleasant surprise when he finds his mate. Now, if he could just find the time to enjoy him. Between murderous bears, deceptive wolves, two packs and a BDSM club, the road to HEA is anything but smooth for Scott and Damien. And then there's a fire, and an Alpha Challenge, and let's not forget Diablo and Griff's wedding. About the only thing Scott and Damien haven't got is time to be together, and it is that lack of time that could pull them apart.

Masters Boyd

Titre : Masters Boyd
Auteur : SJD Peterson
Éditeur : Dreamspinner Press
ISBN-13 : 9781613723418
Libération : 2012-01-23

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Carrick Masters and Edward Boyd have already found true love—it’s the happy ever after that’s eluding them. Between Carrick’s job as an orthopedic surgeon and Ed’s career as a defense attorney, they have hardly any time to spend together, and what time they do have seems to be poisoned by resentment. Carrick and Ed know they need to refocus to make their marriage work, but they seriously need more than a spicy once-a-week date night to get them back on track.

Cronin s Key

Titre : Cronin s Key
Auteur : N. R. Walker
Éditeur : CreateSpace
ISBN-13 : 151221793X
Libération : 2015-06-05

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NYPD Detective Alec MacAidan has always been good with weird. After all, his life has been a string of the unexplainable. But when an injured man gives him cryptic clues, then turns to dust in front of him, Alec's view on weird is changed forever. Cronin, a vampire Elder, has spent the last thousand years waiting for Alec. He'd been told his fated one would be a man wielding a shield, but he didn't expect him to be human, and he certainly didn't expect that shield to be a police badge. Both men, strong-willed and stubborn, are still learning how to cope with the push and pull of being fated, when fate throws them another curveball. Rumors have spread quickly of turmoil in Egypt. Covens are fleeing with news of a vampire who has a talent like no other, hell-bent on unleashing the wrath of Death. Alec and Cronin are thrown into a world of weird Alec cannot imagine. What he learned in school of ancient pharaohs and Egyptian gods was far from the truth. Instead, he finds out firsthand that history isn't always what it seems.

SAP Performance Optimization Guide

Titre : SAP Performance Optimization Guide
Auteur : Thomas Schneider
Éditeur : SAP PRESS
ISBN-13 : 1592298745
Libération : 2013

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• Make your SAP system run quickly and efficiently • Master core concepts like sizing, memory management, and database monitoring• Explore new topics such as SAP HANA, SAP Sybase ASE, and innovations in SAP NetWeaver AS Java• 7th Edition Updated for SAP NetWeaver 7. 3In today's high-stakes business environment, system performance is the king of the jungle. From system and load distribution, to memory management, to buffering and locks, you know there's a lot of ground to cover-and many pitfalls to avoid. Up to date for SAP NetWeaver 7.3, this authoritative guide to analysis and tuning offers the practical tips and real-world examples to reach your tuning potential day in and day out. Anticipate, identify, analyze, and solve performance problems to keep your SAP system on top.SAP BasisGet complete coverage of the SAP Basis hardware, database, memory configuration, and work processes to maximize system analysis and tuning.Analysis ToolsExplore the analysis and tuning tools integrated with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and get previews of version 7.4. Everything JavaLearn to evaluate CPU performance and available memory, use the SAP Management Console, and clear memory with garbage collection in the SAP Java Virtual Machine.Databases and SQL ProcessingFrom SAP MaxDB to DB2 to SAP Sybase ASE, find the most important information about database monitoring and optimizing SQL statements.Performance Optimization with SAP HANAMake your SAP system faster, sleeker, and stronger with new SAP HANA technologies like in-memory and column-based data storage.Highlights• SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and Java• Performance problem troubleshooting• Workload analysis• Remote function calls• Memory configuration• SQL statements, locks, and buffering• System architecture• SAP NetWeaver BW and queries• SAP Java Virtual Machine• Hardware sizing and system distribution• Main memory data with TREX and• SAP HANA• SAP Sybase ASE

Frat Boy and Toppy

Titre : Frat Boy and Toppy
Auteur : Anne Tenino
Éditeur : Riptide Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781937551278
Libération : 2012-03-26

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Brad is great at meeting other people's expectations. But his own? Not so much. Take the gay thing. Okay, so yeah. It took a morning meeting with a frat brother's hairy, naked ass for him to admit it, but he knows the truth about himself now. Let the gay life commence. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. He hasn't quite determined how to come out to anyone, even Sebastian, the geeky-hot TA in his history class. Sebastian is everything Brad is not. Intellectual, suave, hairy. Out. And he doesn't seem interested in Brad, even when Brad makes a fool of himself trying to catch his notice. Score one for foolery: Sebastian does more than notice Brad; he takes him to bed. Brad's been with plenty of girls, but with Sebastian, the sex is something else entirely — hot, mind-blowing, affirming, and a little domineering in a way that drives him wild. But when great sex turns into something more — dare he admit the "L" word? — Brad must face the crushing realization that Sebastian doesn't feel the same. Unless, of course, he does. After all, even grad students can be idiots about matters of the heart.

The Origin of Attic Comedy

Titre : The Origin of Attic Comedy
Auteur : Francis MacDonald Cornford
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780521182072
Libération : 2011-02-17

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Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy Francis Macdonald Cornford (1874-1943)investigates the origin of Attic Comedy.

I was Dora Suarez

Titre : I was Dora Suarez
Auteur : Derek Raymond
Éditeur : Profile Books
ISBN-13 : 9781852427993
Libération : 2008

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After a psychopath brutally kills young Dora Suarez and, on the same night, Felix Roatta, the owner of the seedy Parallel Club is murdered, a sergeant with the Metropolitan Police becomes obsessed with the deaths and believes the two killings may be related.