L affaire Olympia

Titre : L affaire Olympia
Auteur : Mickaël Launay
Éditeur : Editions le Pommier
ISBN-13 : 274650698X
Libération : 2013-10-07

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Depuis dix ans, Apolline (18 ans), Pierrot (11 ans) et leur père se rendent chaque année sur la tombe d’Henri Poincaré, le mathématicien, pour honorer la dernière volonté de leur arrière-grand-père, Théodore Folifou. Et depuis 10 ans, rien ne s’y passe. En consultant le testament, Pierrot y découvre une énigme. Aidés par leur grand-mère, Apolline et Pierrot résolvent l'énigme du testament et se retrouvent sur la trace d'une société scientifique secrète, l'Académie Olympia, fondée par Albert Einstein en 1902 et dont Théodore Folifou était le chef. Pour intégrer l’académie, nos héros devront résoudre de multiples énigmes mathématiques avant de percer le secret d’une seconde académie.

George and the Unbreakable Code

Titre : George and the Unbreakable Code
Auteur : Stephen Hawking
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781481466271
Libération : 2016-09-06

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George and Annie must travel further into space than ever before in order to prevent all computers from being hacked.

The Parrot s Theorem

Titre : The Parrot s Theorem
Auteur : Denis Guedj
Éditeur : Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 9781466851672
Libération : 2013-08-20

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Mr. Ruche, a Parisian bookseller, receives a bequest from a long lost friend in the Amazon of a vast library of math books, which propels him into a great exploration of the story of mathematics. Meanwhile Max, whose family lives with Mr. Ruche, takes in a voluble parrot who will discuss math with anyone. When Mr. Ruche learns of his friend's mysterious death in a Brazilian rainforest, he decides that with the parrot's help he will use these books to teach Max and his brother and sister the mysteries of Euclid's Elements, Pythagoras's Theorem and the countless other mathematical wonders. But soon it becomes clear that Mr. Ruche has inherited the library for reasons other than enlightenment, and before he knows it the household is racing to prevent the parrot and vital, new theorems from falling into the wrong hands. An immediate bestseller when first published in France, The Parrot's Theorem charmingly combines a straightforward history of mathematics and a first-rate murder mystery.

The Moscow Puzzles

Titre : The Moscow Puzzles
Auteur : Boris A. Kordemsky
Éditeur : Courier Corporation
ISBN-13 : 9780486270784
Libération : 1992-04-10

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A collection of math and logic puzzles features number games, magic squares, tricks, problems with dominoes and dice, and cross sums, in addition to other intellectual teasers.

Cartoon Guide to Statistics

Titre : Cartoon Guide to Statistics
Auteur : Larry Gonick
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 9780062731029
Libération : 1993-07-14

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If you have ever looked for P-values by shopping at P mart, tried to watch the Bernoulli Trails on "People's Court," or think that the standard deviation is a criminal offense in six states, then you need The Cartoon Guide to Statistics to put you on the road to statistical literacy. The Cartoon Guide to Statistics covers all the central ideas of modern statistics: the summary and display of data, probability in gambling and medicine, random variables, Bernoulli Trails, the Central Limit Theorem, hypothesis testing, confidence interval estimation, and much more—all explained in simple, clear, and yes, funny illustrations. Never again will you order the Poisson Distribution in a French restaurant!