Hockey Night Tonight

Titre : Hockey Night Tonight
Auteur : Stompin Tom Connors
Éditeur : Nimbus Pub Limited
ISBN-13 : 1551097338
Libération : 2010-03-01

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An engaging story book version of the Stompin Tom Connors Hockey Song that will stir every hockey lover's heart.--This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Bud the Spud

Titre : Bud the Spud
Auteur : Stompin' Tom Connors
Éditeur : Charlottetown, P.E.I. : Ragweed
ISBN-13 : 0921556438
Libération : 1994

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Grade level: 1, 2, k, p, e.

Ramblings from Rocco

Titre : Ramblings from Rocco
Auteur : Rocco J. Pendola
Éditeur : iUniverse
ISBN-13 : 9780595238910
Libération : 2002-07

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Throughout his career in radio, which started when he was just thirteen, Rocco Pendola has lived all over The United States and traveled across North America. On this journey, he has learned alot about himself as well as the things that make him and other people tick. From his passions of hockey and Springsteen to his thoughts on how cities and suburbs are constructed and why people live in one or the other to his ride through Dallas radio, this book covers ground that anyone can relate to. Ramblings From Rocco is a thoughtful reflection on both the human and urban condition containing biting criticism along with eternal hope.

The Hockey Song

Titre : The Hockey Song
Auteur : Stompin' Tom Connors
Éditeur : Greystone Books
ISBN-13 : 9781771641906
Libération : 2016-11-01

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As Stompin’ Tom Connors sings, “It’s the good old hockey game, the best game you can name.” And in this charmingly illustrated book for all ages, the classic song played at hockey games around the world is imagined as a shinny game on an outdoor rink in the middle of the city that starts with two players and soon grows to include the whole community. “The puck is in! The hometown wins! The good ol’ hockey game.”

Desiring Canada

Titre : Desiring Canada
Auteur : Patricia Cormack
Éditeur : University of Toronto Press
ISBN-13 : 9781442663305
Libération : 2013-03-18

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What do Tim Hortons, Hockey Night in Canada, and Rick Mercer have in common? Each is a popular symbol of Canadian identity, seen across the country – and beyond – on television and in other forms of media. But whose definition of ‘Canadian’ do they represent? What does it mean to be Canadian? Do we create our own impressions of Canadian identity, or are they created for us? In Desiring Canada, Patricia Cormack and James F. Cosgrave delve into these questions, exploring the connections between popular culture, media, and the Canadian state. Taking as their examples the popular CBC contests, Tim Hortons advertising campaigns, NHL hockey violence, television comedy, and the business of gambling, this lively, engaging book investigates the relationship between some of our more beloved popular expressions of national identity and the extent to which the interests of the state appeal in various ways through the popular media to the pleasures of citizens, thus shaping our understanding of what it means to be Canadian.

Zen Writing

Titre : Zen Writing
Auteur : Martin Avery
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 9780557016174
Libération : 2008-11-24

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A book about Zen meditation and writing by a Zen meditation instructor and award winning writer in the tradition of Zen In The Art Of Writing, Wild Mind, and The Artist's Way

Hockey Night in Dixie

Titre : Hockey Night in Dixie
Auteur : Jon C. Stott
Éditeur : Heritage House Publishing Co
ISBN-13 : 9781927051054
Libération : 2011-04-15

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During the 1980s, the geography of minor-league professional hockey changed radically, moving from its roots in the Canadian Maritime provinces, New England and the Midwestern states into the American south. In addition to cities like Dallas, Charlotte, Norfolk and Oklahoma City, which had long traditions of minor-league hockey, unlikely places such as Biloxi, Baton Rouge, Little Rock and Augusta hosted teams. Over an 18-year period, minor-league hockey was played in 72 different southern cities, and at one point there were more minor-league teams in Texas than in all of Canada, making Texas the place where many players learned their hockey skills. Hockey Night in Dixie examines this phenomenon with a historical overview of the period, including interviews with people involved in the founding and early years of each of the 13 leagues. There are also in-depth portraits of four teams, one from each of the four lower minor leagues that played during the 2005–06 season. These portraits feature interviews with owners, coaches, players, officials, fans and reporters. Amply illustrated with photographs, Hockey Night in Dixie paints a vivid picture of this extraordinary development in minor-league sports.

Going Top Shelf

Titre : Going Top Shelf
Auteur : Michael P. J. Kennedy
Éditeur : Heritage House Publishing Co
ISBN-13 : 1894384997
Libération : 2005

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Going Top Shelf brings together for the first time in one collection some of Canada's best hockey poems and song lyrics. Included are works by such outstanding Canadian poets as Michael Ondaatje, Al Purdy, Margaret Avison, Don Gutteridge and Lorna Crozier. And for music lovers with a taste for contemporary Canadian music, this entertaining collection includes lyrics by The Tragically Hip, The Rheostatics, Kathleen Edwards, Stompin' Tom Connors, and others. Going Top Shelf represents a cross-section of Canada 's poets and composers, ranging from 19th-century romantic poet Sir Charles G.C. Roberts to contemporary pop songstress Jane Siberry. Altogether, more than 30 authors and songwriters from across Canada reflect an intriguing diversity of forms and literary expression. Yet in all the poems, ice—or the sport played to extensively in Canada upon it—is used to express the ideas, beliefs and attitudes of this diverse group of Canadian authors. For the poetry scholar, for the lover of good music, for the hockey fan, this is a collection to be enjoyed. Indeed, Going Top Shelf represents a literary "top shelf" of hockey poetry without equal.

Offside by a Mile

Titre : Offside by a Mile
Auteur : Astra Groskaufmanis
Éditeur : FriesenPress
ISBN-13 : 9781460262917
Libération : 2015-05-29

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When four-year-old Conner starts pleading for hockey skates, his mother's dreamy fantasies of apres ski's toasty fires, charming chalets, and chilled chardonnay rapidly evaporate. Soon, Astra reluctantly raises the white flag to the culture of hockey, and life becomes a whirlwind of early morning alarms, minivans stuffed with massive amounts of goalie equipment, ice-cold arenas, and appalling nutrition. Offside by a Mile - Confessions of a Hockey Mom, chronicles the frantic and frequently hilarious challenges of one family's fourteen-year odyssey into the world of minor hockey. The universal challenges, joys, and sorrows of supporting childhood passions at the cost of home-decorating ambitions, healthy diet avowals, personal time, gobs of money, full-nights' sleep, or any sort of downtime or personal freedom will be recognizable to parents everywhere. But with its wickedly frank and funny perspectives, Offside by a Mile offers a bubbly and refreshing tonic for it all."

Triple Overtime

Titre : Triple Overtime
Auteur : Stephen Cole
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781451675580
Libération : 2012-10-30

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The author of Double Overtime presents a treasury of popular and professional facts and statistics about the NHL and its athletes, providing entries on a wide range of topics from the top scorers among players over age 40 to the NHL star who is married to a Baywatch actress.